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On foot or a horseback excursion, with stops to have lunch at the edge of a mountain stream .then with a plate of pasture where the camping will be drawn up .after relaxing in the hastyandelegant comfort of large berber tents , tourists will discover the delicious taste of tanjines having stewed sowed slowly on embers of hearth where a lamb will have turned dueing hours spit and cooked at point to be used a principal sish with this lamb barbecue.later, camel-skinned of dancers covered with silver sequins and dressed with tradiotional costinue to discover other sites of these magic mountains of ZAIAN country.

Combination do not fail benefit from this superb resort :
River fishing
Excursion and stroll towards

Lalla haya spring, the miraculous one sponted out to 42 degrees of the solid mass above the AGUENNOUR river , whose azure and limpid water fills the basin dug at the bottom of a ravine to 530metrs of unevenness at the end of track wiche curves over 5 kms its water contains C.O2.

In the horizon the OUM GRENAT ,one of the beautiful tops of the anti-atlas, the lake which feeds the private property of pikes. This area , primarily volcanic, conccals invaluable mincrals ;

WOLFRAM , TIN that many are bicarbonate , ferruginous and sulphurous spring there. Kharrouba old station of wather of oulmes on the road of meknes , offers splendid landscapes while passing by the foot of the top of tougr- oulmes.

Camping under berber tents made up of goat skins or fabric tents.
Animation by folklore troops of he area.
Discovering nature.
Visiting artisanal co- operatives (khemisset, azrou, khenifra)
Artisanal workshops ( weaving, woodwork of cedar, cooks, agriculture).
Excursion ( lake of oumrabie – dait roumi)
Visiting souks ( oulmes khmiset , khnifra)
In addition , it is possible to combinc stay excursion with cultural visits of the imperial cities of fes.meknes, moulay idriss, volubilis.


Home - Overview - Our deals - Rates - Reservation - Gallery
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